About me

Design of the interior - it's always the idea and creativity, and after - the embodiment of the concept to life. It is from this principle, I am repelled by providing services designer. I can not say that nothing is impossible for me, but I do know that every unique idea worthy of implementation. And I'm doing everything possible for that.

Education and awareness of the guarantee for the client's project

Дизайнер Дмитрий Конюков

The path of mastering the skill of a designer, I started in the Krasnodar Art School (Department of Theatre and decorative arts). But there is no limit of perfection, so the path continued in the Academy of Art and Industry (Department of Environment Design). Experienced teachers with a ten-year operating time gave me the very basis on which repelled any budding designer. After receiving theoretical and practical luggage, I went on a journey into the world of high art design.

It continued in numerous joint projects with leading design areas of our country, I have not neglected and experience Foreign guru. Follow and watch the activities of tens if not hundreds of European and American agencies and designers, which allows me to keep abreast of the latest trends in the design of interiors and exteriors. Gaining access to a huge archive of theoretical and practical information, which I try to immediately put into practice in his own, unique vision leads to the inevitable satisfaction of every customer.

Now, I have been successfully applied design skills environment, experience in the architectural design incarnation Krasnodar projects of any complexity in life. I am not limited to a specific species or style of design in my arsenal of developments in contemporary style, loft-style, classic, high-tech minimalism. How many can remember, I took up a job in interior design and landscape in Krasnodar and in the creation of concepts for the whole cottage complexes and other large and interesting projects.

Principles and vision of the world of design, dictated by the needs of customers

In his journey through the world of design art I have always been guided by the principles of the uniqueness of each work, a high level of every customer service and warm, friendly relations with the team for each project. This allowed for the entire long-term practice to buy many successful orders, a huge amount of work and ideas, looking at that I feel outright joy for their clients.

My main credo to do the work so that through the years I can continue to feel the satisfaction of the customer, and the customer, decades later, he continued to enjoy the comfort, convenience and beauty. This demanding of himself in me the principle developed a unique approach to every project, regardless of its scale, budget and target audience. The main thing for me & ndash; it make the dream a reality client, lead the most daring ideas to execution. And make it so that the result delighted, surprised, amazed, leaving no one indifferent.

From the project to the full embodiment

From early childhood, and still I see for an interesting skill & ndash; I was able to gather the crumbs of even the most complex 'puzzle' ideas to capture the subtle notes of the words of the client, immediately turning them into an image in his head. Properly present result, to consider and discuss the smallest details, All this helps to make my long-standing practice.

Thus, your most daring ideas that are hidden in a corner of the subconscious, come to life I can give life to any object, interior architecture, landscape. I do this professionally and always work on the result & ndash; you will feel it from the first minute of cooperation.

Do not think it possible embodiment of the most daring and creative ideas, Entrust it to me!

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