Интерьер загородного дома в ст. Динская. Автор Дмитрий КонюковКомната отдыха загородного домаКвартира на ПостовойКонцепт дизайна интерьера "Дом. Классика". Автор Дмитрий КонюковКонцепт дизайна интерьера "Дом в Туапсе". Автор Дмитрий Конюков

Interior designer Dmitry Konyukov

Design - is an essential element of the life of any person. Original interior decoration, household items should give comfort. Creating interior design, I give customers the convenience and aesthetics now.
I went from theory to practice art education in working with real projects in the Krasnodar Territory. Country houses, the original landscape, interiors in a modernist style, loft or "classic" - it seems that having a wealth of experience in design, surprise, there is no room. But the problem always encourage customers to open new facets of the profession.
My suggestion - compliance with an individual approach to customers, taking into account their tastes, priorities and wishes in the design of interiors. Constant dialogue with clients allows you to understand exactly how they see the final result. And the experience in construction, the direction of the architectural layout of landscape design - a tool with which I embody the concept.
If you need to design the interior in Krasnodar or Krasnodar region, which will give comfort to become a reflection of your individual style - my love of design and professional duty serve as the best guarantee of quality of the project. Order free consultation

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