Country house in the village Dinskaya

original interior solution

Originally, the structure was a garage for trucks, a total area of 72 m 2. The design had a metal gate and a pit for vehicle maintenance.

Main customer requirements

The aim was to transform an object under the comfortable living room, which has an extension in the form of a bath.

Designer Comments

During the work it was necessary to bring about the submission of the client's comfort and coziness, with radically change the functionality of the room. As a result, the idea of the project has been fully implemented.

The style of interior is designed in the tradition of a loft with a bias to the & laquo; environmental & raquo; through the use of natural materials. The special design gives ease of overhanging wall conceptual solution in the interior.


I have sought to achieve the effect of exclusivity, so the furniture, accessories and decorative elements were developed by my drawings and manufactured by hand. Furniture Sets all my design execution: from drawings and ending with drapery products. The ensemble style supported lamp made of black metal, distressed at the old copper.

Budget allows you to experiment with decoration. For it used decorative bricks 'exposure' 50 years. In front of me there was a problem not just take away every brick on the appeal, but the form and save it in the analysis. What has been successful.

Big changes have affected the corridor, which was covered with monolithic ceiling. For him, the board applied with the effect of 'aging' the fibers of each board were processed manually with a brush. So I arrived at the reception the bright wood texture with industrial concrete.

An important reception in the creation of the interior contrast materials. At the end of the work is particularly advantageous looked 'torn' brick wall in the background a perfect glossy black coating kitchen. No less impressive look of larch flooring made in matt gray, glossy porcelain colors.


House in the village Dinskaya completely changed its functional concept and & ndash; architectural trim and decorative elements in common, creating a comfortable and dynamic style & laquo; loft & raquo ;. Task set by the client to fully implement. Reviewed you can read on the 'Reviews'.