Country house in the village Dinskaya

architectural transformation

In developing the project it took radically reconstruct the building, changing its functionality. From a typical garage facility turned into a comfortable living room with an attached bath.

For the project I used bath Canadian construction technology. This allowed the work to save time, get a reliable and environmentally friendly building with attractive architecture. Wood-frame extension joined to the main building and renovated roof. Thus, the exterior of a new home has become to maintain a uniform style and a unique concept. Also, I wanted to bring to life functional design, as a result had the idea of building woodsheds with utility room.

In front of me also had the task to create the most comfortable, convenient and thoughtful room, so I cut the openings of windows as low as possible. This decision has created optimum daylight, filling the interior with natural light.

The original decision was to create a canopy over the length of the main facade. At the same time I wanted to perform a reliable design that would be different 'ease' the grace and decorative beauty. Therefore, the tree was used for the facade with a transparent roof profile design creates optimal protection against rain, wind and UV rays.

An unusual design solution was the performance of beams and struts under the old canons of construction of wooden houses. That is, I applied the technology to kickoff, but supplemented it with modern fittings and reliable fasteners. Therefore, the frame retains its flavor, without losing strength and reliability.

The finishing touch was the exclusive design of the table, made from my original designs that perfectly fit into the overall architecture of the space.